Adtec Aspheric

Adtec Aspheric Intraocular Lens Is Developed By Adaptive Ocular Sciences. It Is A Monofocal IOL Designed To Provide High Definition And High Resolution Distance Visual Outcomes For Its Patients.

This Lens Is Made From The Latest Hybrid Material And Double Aspheric Profile, Optimised For Greater Patient Satisfaction. This Material Has Very Low Water Content, Which Greatly Reduces The Occurrence Of PCO. A Major Benefit Of This Lens Is That It Eliminates Glistening And Cats Eye Syndrome, Unlike Other Hydrophobic Materials.

The Material Is A Copolymer Of Hydroxymethyl Methacrylate And Methyl Methacrylate.

Adtec Aspheric Intraocular Lens Comes In Range From -5D To 35D

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Adtec Aspheric Intraocular Lenses Are Made From Next Generation Acrylic Material Customized For Micro – Insertion. The Material Offers Increased Tensile Strength, Enhanced Modulus And Controlled Unfolding Due To Excellent Shape Memory.

The Stiffness Of Material Allows The Lens To Design Thinner IOL Optics While Maintaining Compression Forces.

Adtec Aspheric Lens Is An Indian Premium Mono Vision Lens To Provide HD Visual Outcomes Resulting In Greater Patient Satisfaction.


Key Features And Benefits Of Adtec Aspheric IOL

  • Designed For Maximum Stability To Help Maintain Sharp Vision.
  • Rapid Visual Recovery With Excellent And Predictable Visual Outcomes.
  • Material Limits Light Related Problems Such As Halo And Glare.
  • Advanced Optics Provide Enhanced Contrast Sensitivity.
  • The Adtec Aspheric IOLs Are Made From Low Water Content Material ie 15-18%. This Along With Square Edge Design Greatly Reduces The Occurrence Of PCO.
  • Glistening Or Cats Eye Syndrome Are Totally Eliminated.
  • Proprietary Design Of The Lens Makes For Easy Implantation Through 2.2mm Cartridge.
  • Standard Spherical IOLs Induce Aberrations. Adtec Aspheric IOLs Are Aberration Free Lenses.
  • Adtec IOL Is Designed To Reduce Visual Disturbances To Give High Definition And High Resolution Vision With Increased Contrast Sensitivity.
  • Optical Designing Is Done Using Light Trans Maxwell Field Equations Instead Of Regular Ray Tracing Program. This Ensures Total Patient Satisfaction.

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A Constant ( Optical )


A Constant ( Ultrasound )



-5D To 35D


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